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Gamma Knife – what is it?

A Gamma Knife is a high-precision irradiation machine used for the radiosurgical treatment of various diseases occurring within the skull. These include tumours of the brain, along with lesions of blood vessels and nerves. The device contains 201 individual cobalt radiation sources, all emitting low doses of radiation that are focused together on a single target point. This is the only point to receive a therapeutically effective dose of radiation, so that the diseased area is destroyed while the surrounding healthy tissue remains almost completely unaffected.

The first step in the treatment involves fitting a frame to the patient’s head. This is necessary to achieve accuracy down to fractions of a millimetre. Attaching a frame is a very common procedure in neurosurgery, and is used when a sample is being removed for a biopsy, for example. The patient is given a local anaesthetic at the attachment points so that the procedure does not hurt. The frame provides an exact reference so that the target area can be pinpointed with the aid of the imaging procedures.

What can be treated using the Gamma Knife?

The Leksell Gamma Knife can be used to treat certain diseases of the brain. Its suitability for an individual patient is usually decided by a group of specialist doctors (neurosurgeons, neurologists, internists and radiologists). These are the most significant diseases that can be treated using the Gamma Knife: at present brain toumours, Metastases, Meningiomas, Acoustic neuromas and Malformations of blood vessels, like Arteriovenous malformations (AVM), which are not bigger than 3 cm.

How much time does the treatment lasts?

The procedure is highly efficient and therefore gentle and non-invasive, and it delivers such an effective dose of radiation to the diseased area that a single session is sufficient in most cases. The treatment itself is silent and completely painless and lasts between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the application.

What does treatment cost?

The costs are nearly the same like for the germen private patients (7700.- to 10.000 Euro).

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